Sunday, April 12, 2009

poetic licence [sic]

the forgotten thing, pop cap, odomok,
helvetia rockville, staying as you are,
compelling explanation of this history,
iron pipeline, shorties gats iller, para-
ordnance, a concealed-carry licence,
contagious fire, laser thermal
processing, caniche, standing on
two watermelons, eighteen piranha,
nothing to admire, nor the fun tension,
tea-clatch, a thumbnail census, a
gate made of concrete, buddha
images clustered, cetiya, albani
cap, clusters operating, grantsman-
ship, a century earlier a hungry,
rodef moser, ethos of creed
homeland, the day of the weak, the
day of the strong, neuronomics,
error blank, have a go at today,
here we go again, afore ya go, two
angels, the dot under the aitch,
nothing equals sugar,

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