Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"break down the old boundaries and let one hundred flowers bloom!"

become a butcher, the cost of talk,
day eas, bag let steep, by mind less
acid, the real acid freaks, lifting
bellies, this suffer thing, meat
scented air fresheners, modillions,
peripheral underground movement,
destructuration, garbaganza, the
belt holding pawl, soundtracking,
gossypium, penny loafers, the big
crunch, eporphyrial, panelogics,
wireless encryption, break down the
old boundaries and let one hundred
flowers bloom!, diversity
management, perpetual shopping,
technoscapes, marketing theory,
ijtihad, hierarchical nuclear
family, finance-scapes, unhomely
man overboard, de-modernization,
a, quantitate signatae, freebird
poor, not virtual but concrete,
during good behaviour, please
state reason, talking about
pennies, today eighteen years ago,
make noise not silence, toner
resume, become your self,

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