Friday, May 01, 2009

"reality-supply construct" & "when the paint is flying"

i am fly, but fen larks, stow hooking
it, splunkishly, random ident,
electric ant, blank audio input,
blank unpunched tape, acksetron,
the holy bowel, a captain kirk,
reality-supply construct, the
reality tape, snailishly
unwinds, sociologism, zakat
tithe, metics, senecide, minim,
temporal castes, seed-miller ant,
repletes ants, honeypot ants,
metapleural glands,

your claim to fame is that photo
you took, stilling touch, no art is
too bad, van floating, rss riddle,
the tension got to the breaking
point, ain’t got no light to shed,
yes one did break, pass up the op,
how will you weather the coming
storm, constant grinding, use it
before you lose it mister no more
slogans, eye never wore hats,
olympic writing, feel the grit,
neah bay head, art is fool’s gold,
nothing subversive about mail,
walking antique, sep, when the
paint is flying, on the web anyway,

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