Saturday, May 09, 2009

"you go" & "select one phrase for forwarding"

therapy nation, don’t wish me any more
heat, if i was there you would punch
me out, the energy of lunatics, d, go
down into that dark hole, and bring
up some more gold, pure peru, you
know what this thing is, poke around
inside the universe, blurry and
dusty, repetition allows you to see,
the delicate way the paint runs
together, what book would that be,
the energy of geniuses, the living
fence, leaves ground to dust, you
go, the one and only her, responds to
rubberstamp, never did figure out
where this came from, let’s link,

specific grit, the new way to make
a mark, axe alice, time has run
out on us, the hopeful couple,
we don’t want to see any frag,
we never really got included,
let’s unmake a cake, i can lick
thirty tigers today, subtle
markings, lave, lava flows six
kilometers deep, you never
mention me, which one of you
is which, how did that turn
out, select one phrase for
forwarding, now that they have
taken note of your existence,
some whack shit, image copyright,

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