Thursday, May 14, 2009

"excommunication network"

mille six, front us, the art of
mothering, little bit of paper
worth, tooth and nail art, larus
ridibundus, olly olly inishfree,
whodunification, eye poem oh yeah,
what’s a mattah hari, what crox,
excommunication network, touch
is a bad word, move and leave no
forwarding address, zipe, wood
collage, one is a node radiate,
fluxusa, heatre, newbern, you can
call me blank, eye saw the seal,
cereality, an eighth of a breath,
got free copying, forget your
memories, never put a return
address, the toast matrix, seems
to have come out of nowhere, which
end of the text goes up, now you
are in the not enough place,
tonge, make envelopes nine by
nine, communication preferred,
never did get your name right,
remember when this was new,
cow com, image rep, one is not even
tempted, zeal and excess,
where do you situate yourself,
real blonde chinese, bldg blog,
waste art want art, blank law,
stub books, talon stub, move or
perish, buddhist capitalism,
fade to black, dim ret,

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