Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"i am one" & "aprill"

every day is april fool’s day,
does anybody have an e-mail
address for ray johnson,
enslave yourself, i am one, some
people are getting beyond,
say something about this, all the
mail-artists have moved away,
moved to brazil, last month,

see knick, chargex, feuling aroun,
aprill, money over the telephone,
trance accord, you are in seat
number one, one piece of merchandise,
the letter jay, appoint meaning,
changer, now we are at today, you
better phone your boss, the mighty
shoves, all of these little words
add up, are you sure you’re
covered, grande syntagmatique,
the privileged reader, orthopsychic,
the family drama, apparatus
theory, a theory joke,

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