Saturday, May 23, 2009


say a mouthful, identify all
the colours, actual paper from
nineteen fifty-six, stars of the
day, the faces are all owned,
don’t see what did they do,
so long gone it hurts, i’m just
writing to let you know, no
vista, invest in black, the
squalid page, author asking
reader, if you correct the
spelling you own the phrase,
sort reality from subreality,
the paper is free it’s the toner
that costs, one hitters, what no
hard copy, approximate address,
why the holes, what was reality
like for you, a complete
description of the universe,
to colon, antitantric, the en
why, short for garbage, deal
with the americans, bread
and, this text in vivid blue,
saint ops, ignore the written
part, thirty-five cents a
minute, wavering from double
to single, the house is still
there, feed it all into a
search engine, srndr dorth e,

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