Thursday, May 07, 2009

"did somebody mention hockey?" & "xzends"

homedestroyer, a sky of glass, a
good hockey bunt, metal cobs,
the panty, glasses like these, copy
for the reason of, sleepers awake,
a good solid legible font,
everything is slipping away, they
dont look gone but, digging thru
box number one hundred and, the
complete actual present, ochred
lichen, the stitches or potatoes,
musical torture, first the give,
drugshine, timing limit, city of
text, hand of text, i am become,
did you miss your chance, palp,
not exactly lost, unread garbage,

you are not going to see much
more, as you work, poached
frogs, xzends, mind door, forced
to cluster, blank pile, clusterize,
who did what, hereditary catacombs
ecto, rioee, dear dead, cgiigc,
ham toupé, no q, peek peet keen,
riding up and crashing down,
esplanade horizon crucial, the
stench inside, nothing is permanent,
let’s get nepal on the line,
randomograph, darker arts,
fool up, keep sawing, thinking
of you, never would arrive,

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