Friday, May 15, 2009

"leave words behind"

poetry is not enuf, don’t you
want to play any more, leared,
riot roof, the shape of nothing,
natural kraft, gasm, butcher
your life, you are just another,
welcome y, these communicate
nothing, first eye see then you
see, fond memories of the
explosion, please inform your core,
this also will pass, now this is you
and that is me, how many feet
of shit, keep trying you will,
give the gift of freedom, your
last happy day, myron sank,
amniforms, soft icecream art,
a touch of acid, we make each
other sick, still rip, still rippin’,
inform and reinform, get your
tongue out of my ear, your of,
still losing touch, cost you
seventy bucks if you wanna
talk, did you ever win, one is
not cheating, voucher text,
happy day is here again, did
you mean chuang tsu, texts
we are failing, chima, if i
talk to you will you answer
me, babygate, now your head
is being counted amongst
the, leave words behind,

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