Friday, May 01, 2009

"it's all the same text"

let your identity go, this is post-
disaster, now we really are insane,
don’t you even want to see, the one-
hundred-and-twenty-sixth and final,
your last move before you died,
going along insanely, my grinning
death’shead, we fell back into our
old rut, the last thing we did,
who is performing your function
now, each one of these little straws
lead to the collapse, go out and sit
in the sun at minus thirty, your
happy last moment, you can’t
write your own, cheif chief,

a single beer, five copies period,
reality is there for you to change,
triple ex nothingness, it’s all the
same text, this is registration
work, makes for a heavy piece of
paper, one for each of the five
people who like to read my writing,
they want to put their logo on your
work, marching towards march,
why do we go around and around,
publishing bang bang, logo language,
fake fade, double up the amount
of production, let’s go bowling
instead of this, the thickness,

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