Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"there may be no need for this text"

the squalid chain, saint ede,
there’s a mark but it means nothing,
the unbespeakable, this has been
exposed to the elements, gar is
short for, there’s a cut but it
means nothing, sociometry, there
may be no need for this text, to
illedgible address, community
clement, consuming twain,
subspecies of insanity, thought
machine, cancel community,
trust yourself, when the machine
breaks down, presume nothing,
here in your death, hurry up and
say hello, time to trim,
throughtle, let the text consume
the whole page, if you give the
image a north, you don’t want
to get involved with poetry, one
deconsolidate two reconsolidate,
copied into the future, locothot,
twain clemen, change the text,
i’m only going to say one thing,
other artists present on the
page, pigna, try looking
further away, the buck stops
here, the colour on the colour-
chart has faded, cleon,
youthless, the sudden
appearance of a jumping
spider on the page,

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