Wednesday, May 27, 2009


one is writing thru you, what
does one do with money, you
are agreeing to all the fine
print, pheekuh, it does not come
epistemology!, you want this
to be produced, zing ‘em thru
the zinger, infinite zings,
might eye recommend, can eye
have so-and-so please, this
needs to be black, this could
be a page in a book, okay now
the original is free to go,
the word imola, plenty of rebels
wore hats, alter your
appearance to learn what it
is like to be discriminated
against, how did you ever make
it this far down the page, no
dark no light no light no dark,
the only thing that changes is
the generation, work will help
you see, one no longer exists,
write and see, i want to
connect you to, pink literature,
go pee in a cup, first you
must jump thru this hoop
then that hoop then, station
time, louise riley, the ebb,
errata firma, maybe no go,

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