Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"contemplating a mossy cairn"

cultural capitalism, blank out
text, if you think this is of
kilter, build relationships, ready
to be nothinged, build events,
extreme chore, slur it, comzone,
phil out, proximate face, town
linked to town, border bucks,
slur zone, proxy love, border link,
just need to borrow the image
for a moment, wall to wallah,
do you really want more of this,
manilla gorilla, we will hardly
be able to tell, tilting versus
toppling, sneesynge, designate
a copy, designate an original,
feel the paint, a pale replica,
one might almost be fooled,
nothing is about to be lost,
wane paper, a world of replicas,
the mean price, contemplating
a mossy cairn, post-stroke,
therianthropic, sky crap ears,
enneagraphic, stundists, avec
vex, saccades, paper body,
northern boredoms, ice vacancies,
hexametric chili, a photograph
of a document, blank disciple,
ope hill, go thru a lot of
postage, real and actual art,
gung die, change your handle,
wish this was a painting, one
never dies, explicit imagine,
blank bear, broadcast insane,
of, inch-a-bet, dinosaur sex,
ur-sprinkle, tactile reality,
sacoa, meant to be nothing,

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