Tuesday, May 19, 2009

format this six by nine please

clemenvilla tanger, permanently
non-signifying, a text without
text, meat teath, india liberty,
tactilia, mash down wad of
threads, farkles, mush pattern,
star clip china, threads inkorp,
turning paper back into wood,
a human bomb, mooth, surplus
toner, any non-language, treat
it as a wad, making it to the
bottom nature, the summer of
seventy-two, a statement of
matrix, losmg, just say no
to no tay syun, we should on
ourselves, rename the thing
after yourself, one was alive
in those days, mithra nexus
sc shibumi, the day before you
entered the picture, no shay
ton, on the scene before the
scene, awake to the extent
one is ever awake, the body is
dead, awake to the shit, meat
delight, one that has not been
kicked around to much, angle
of eye, a choice of death,
hierarchy of editor and
contributor, sociopoetic,
a sheet-compilation,
social sculpture, gestalt

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