Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"anti-cluster" & "ephor"

twenty thousand spam messages,
anti-cluster, whoa! you think you’re
crazy? look at this, yserror, where do
you find ‘em?, red blank red,
please send me more garbage,
we lost our tools, we need more
tools!, only took you to one,
can you handle, real insanity
or, the scratching of backs,
dicks lex, you were right
motherfucker, and then we made
our last wrong move, the
faintest impressions of
bottles, here is work, modified
for replication, art proxim eye,

broccoli theories, hi-fi art,
hypertheorize, the barking
hippies, phonophilia, hindmilk,
a distinctly orange cast,
ephor, harlot-mongers,
maddened to exasperation,

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