Monday, May 25, 2009

"can't quite see how the eye is fooled"

licking the pavement, nothing
needs to be jammed, cash hidden
in envelope, contemporary
versatility, this going around
the world, drop yourself like
bombs, the scratch is only
legible to the scratcher, and
the scratchee, a five year old
kid could do it, can’t you see
the world is burning, baron
who, this bit, limehead, frag
eye dee, thirty years in the mail,
what is happen in this, aaeon,
cruer, sweep the drum, jack
o’ napes, capite operto esse, we
are only a tourist here, blue
love, mraur, still sounding
the death knell, long after
the resurrection, you think
you’re paranormal, destroy
all knuckles, can’t quite see
how the eye is fooled, pixel
neon pixel, grinding forward
and backwards at the same
time, ylad, better use that
ledger wisely, schschschsch-
sch, the power to make people
smart, steak chute, lines
not speaking, sooner or
later the message will get
thru, deep riddle,

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