Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"what does your body look like"

where do you locate yourself,
i bought it you bought it back,
malmail, this is your brain on
art, i give my eye to you, words
that hit the spot, you’re not
supposed to see it as that, is it
wise to be intelligent, access to
freedom, watch them crumble,
eye for one, hentai, genuine
replica, false money, cash-on-the-
line, facing the assholes, now
this paper is here but, the dot
in the middle of your, bp
immediate, mister meat, one
for this machine and one for
that, texas canada, efforts we
are willing to make for, type
off the top of your head,
chalk you later, insect we see,
grind it forward, temporary
home, binder dot, books await,
grue, helvetica versus this,
sticky buns, wrecked if eye,
ponder the butter, we need
more quarter, the disappearing
point, leaning toward death,
surrender to the air, the
crisis is long over, nothing
is forthcoming, advice to
the evil, what does your
body look like,

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