Friday, May 22, 2009

"responds to every stimulus"

some special quarters, you keep
misunderstanding me, got enuf
for a retainer, pay what you
brung, the dividing line between
fat and thin, comprezenhend,
schwing!, no nukes is good nukes,
sometimes love is too much to
ask, uncluttered mindfulness,
mini-domestic environments,
public water supply, takenly
and advertently, try and get
the numbers to match, sticky
buns and breasts, space over
time, typed up and ready to
fly, straight speak, clout is
highly overrated, am ought,
time over space, proviso, hear
nothing, responds to every
stimulus, the address still
exists maybe, i am writing
to a letter, some refreshing
scum, trying to become a
clear, take the rest of your
life off, i enjoyed your
presence more after you
left, i am nube, not even
putting in full days,
make a name for yourself
by killing yourself,

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