Saturday, May 16, 2009

"please sell me something quick"

it’s just an aitch, concrete armour,
einstein was an artist, artistic
operators, now you are one of the
dead, transparent fish trance,
there is still more network over
yonder, we heard you the first
time, that happy place is long gone,
the writing on this is an overlay,
internal tail, legible graffiti,
spot the snail, look all you like
you will never see, fear of living,
toungue, our eye, ess three ess ess,
please sell me something quick,
ten four good buddy, melott,
massive communication, mister
nothing, does this mean we lost
it all, official fluxus
commemorative, the return of
the oppressed, modify letterhead,
money yen om, is that a hack,
ten years or it’s too late now,
shhy, here we are faced with
death again, cherry holes,
anarchyology, it’s because
nothing is being said,
schizoperception, layering in,
aesthetically numb, blot
out your memories, try using
a mirror, nong bit, maybe ebb yam,
if toner works then why,
better sticker, there she is,

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