Sunday, May 17, 2009


thought radio, jull, jullo,
tempted by blank paper, are you
a no or a yes, your last heard
word, the mach, saint op,
process the text thru the brain,
who is nobody if not us, julol,
ecstasy breathing, the black
hat lama, energy orgasms, hard-
headed cousins economists,
the dismal science, the u-index,
blank margin, tricoteuses,
metamorphosexuals, a trance-
like state of nothingness,
fuck happiness, the lust for
justice, kachina, cooch, chin
dildo, it’s useless to hold a
person to anything he says
while he’s drunk, lois ming,
doubt card, it ain’t bulk if
you only buy one, kinko biloba,
a perpetual periodical machine,
a meta-assembling, earth
theist, speechmobile, blood
consciousness versus educated
consciousness, excessive
individuality, ur theist,
naturacide, the song of the
white-throated sparrow,
impressive at tempt dot,
what is called meaning,
polis is eyes, pejorocracy,
projective speech machine,

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