Thursday, May 28, 2009

"get this text out of my face"

local positioning system,
tamperered, art gets special
treatment, the new one is worse
than the old one, get this text
out of my face, nevep, who is
in control of this text, this
copy has been tampered with,
it’s the conveyance of the idea
that counts, wind up pissing
into the wind, the date has
nothing to do with the time of
the text, writing poems about
sex is like, at gc, start a new
series, work the text forward,
one is writing thru one, one
is tipping one’s hand, wind
up pissing in the sink, one
has no access to the net, one
was hoping, no matter how long
one hangs on, give up fear,
past an orange, intrication,
kyphosis, hack editor
conspired, editorial committee
having, throw the letter
thru the window,

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