Thursday, May 21, 2009

"telling the truth is damn nigh suicidal"

one is a family of one, stub
books, get a line back on your
self, protected bee, write down
everything, is the man saying
these words, is ubu a sign,
another one pretends to bite
the dust, a continuous flow
of paper, do you really think
this is news, try writing with
your other hand, the odd bout
of botulism, perform it any
time any where, i can’t even read
word one anymore, the word
that is not yet the word,
careful what you let into
your consciousness,
photomorphogenesis and
psychosynthesis, the story
of o magazine, penny history,
litehouse, the immured,
hemispherical compound
eyes, the good old days have
come again, last one in’s a
rotten egg!, tornado radio,
telling the truth is damn
nigh suicidal, go ahead and
read ahead, a marxist
reading of this text,

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