Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"you are always already online"

pink dayglo flagging tape, it
is time to take the plunge, pant
imp torrent, drenches texas,
after broken, memphisto, a
shower of mud, a near miss of
the heart, oh no it’s another
chain letter, caint stand still,
sorry lady, i don’t have a clue
what you’re saying, can we
get this in english, sunfollower
or gyrosol, laps but not leaps,
oh i see it now it’s a, adopt
a neuron, clustah!, go easy ah,
to detach or not to detach,
eye don’t really see what you
are saying, the source of all
the copies, lean pockets, dada
toast, making time pass, ai ta,
disaster socialism, you had
me at hello, the prison-house
of realism, montmorillonite,
declutter nothing, evocative
things, reconstruction money,
objects we think with, all the
reading that goes into the
writing, warblog warbling
warspite, flowstone rimstone
slutlamp, experience discrim-,

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