Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"mccormick deering" & "xeroglossia"

umbook, yland, who gets cut out of
the picture, you look crazed, naps
snaps awake, order now on this blank,
your skin thru time, every picture is
mute, crick, moars, spittin’
imagination, time has not been kind,
mccormick deering, pappy, the rake
of yer hat, get that tooth fixed
and hey ho, that ain’t no thong,
typed out one by one, photos of
things you’d rather forget, busy
being drunk, earnest courtship,
jumbook, messem, tel-vision, e-bate,
while combing the news,

naga, the architectural buddha,
a mark left by a loved one, economy
of power, xeroglossia, paperlink,
hate red heart, remember this
sign, the violence was nothing, all
the forces that drove us here, all
the texts in the world, englot,
dumb in the summer, generalized
julia, too late to avoid existence,
eastern equine encephalitis, file
folder recycle, on the beach, obc,
waive or wave off the trance,
missop, vagabondia, looks like
postage, can dry, everything got
blogged, indicates the day, any
more unpleasant,

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