Thursday, May 28, 2009

"keep your poetry to yourself"

every artist that is the case,
ready set contact, the thing itself
is not the self, somebody stole the
crime prevention brochure, rcd,
being downtown edmonton, can
we get the complete picture
please, original replica, hopeful
your eye, note toner splatter,
my poetry comes first, i am uh,
coan, economic psychology,
pour the building into the
valley, a fold is not the end
of the world, too many bells,
never quite actually hits it,
ivrey, missing all the references,
no yes, keep your poetry to
yourself, one loves blank,
this writer is a hack, publish
only for one reason, so bright
it blinds the reader, nsa,
why is beauty considered bad,
a stark beautiful arrange,
it’s not real skin, the sort of
literature we keep going back
to, oh sure it could easily
be replicated, my work, paper
penguin, better trance late
than never, however it gets
there it gets there,

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