Sunday, May 03, 2009

"do you want to save the changes to your brain" & "artgang"

now we thot this was lost, albert
hoffman one hundred, the old single-
copy business model, postage self,
do you want to save the changes to
your brain, if you need help please
call, we only move for money, did
we ever send you anything, the old
kickers, i was so thinking of you,
the price of gas has become still,
six six six criminal, pem, who or
what was benjamin myles, what day
did we start, the concrete is still
falling, miz bush, augustus boal,
what were we mailing that day,
the correct method of using,
dipping down close to death,

imagine yourself back in your happy
moment, make a copy of the gold, is
the source still there, is the gusher
still gushing, visual schizophrenia,
which direction is the flow flowing,
peep your eyes closed, art works for
me, artgang, so you can see the fix,
now is the path to joy, hope this is
not too frisky, curious to know the
history of this penny, what’s your
schtick, to gather mushrooms,
trace the chaotic flux, everyone
who is still in the picture, anyflow,
the fate of the mailartist, are you
saying or are you quoting, immortal
addnpass, brain-shaped mushroom cloud,

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