Friday, May 08, 2009

"batak" & "the meaning of the microdot"

global warming propaganda,
author number one nine three
eight one seven, ‘s’rubber, yrcbg,
author number one five zero
three two eight, chick brst,
each of us is, tambura, beer
goggles, dtmfa, dehoused,
batak, trobriand island,
hollopchis, snardlumps,
blank notation, blank surface,
escribed, trilithons, comedy
in the history of the electronic,
lafs, no soul gardeners,

this is not the fatal straw, here i
am thinking of you, actual money,
trying to crawl up out of the
ditch, somebody changed the
password on you, the meaning of
the microdot, onthario, monkey
chants, being where we ought not
to be, your first paycheck, now
you can buy the kind of bread
you like, hmmm maybe we need
better coffee, pantymouth,
insta-tuition, no reason to
communicate with anyone,
causewayed enclosure hotels,
finn sleep, trance powder,
every single book ever published,

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