Sunday, May 10, 2009

did you pick your titles?

debt river, mono azul, maybe we neet
to enterprize, an important person
versus an unimportant person, taker
out of garbage, assa, maybe the
break will heal, tall orders
filled, plan for, our busy life
together came to a sudden halt,
garbiage, moshie, more than the dog,
hec tic talk, now you are all alone
in the world, here comes the bitter
end, chinese triwizard, ain’t got
no computer, evidence that you
have read, yes we think we have
read this, original trance, doc
you meaning, non-commercial value,

orange god, yesterday’s desire,
someone to throw paper, the system
is on hold, telephone nerve, more
to life than money, what time of
day is it, gwyderian, please
destroy this document, disappoint
everyone, the texts that are messing
with your head, aitch shovel,
there is only one place to work,
sheer volume of food, orange
death, what you need to survive,
we are going to run you thru a
selection, blank god, art comes as
a surprise, i know who this is,

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