Friday, May 29, 2009

"meaningless microfragments"

then don’t write, joyless concrete,
oman, customized van, spicer
draft beer, autokinaton, art hat
axis, milyus parasiticus, googler,
symphysis, the phone just rang a
tiny bit, bog-worshipping, namo,
extravasation, if it’s not a
poem then what is it, painitng,
paint the penny black, the
great white hunter, while in a
trance was able to read unopened
letters, fratire, ecopod, dutch
wife, ginger ginger ginger,
grmt cnnm rsn icin, wep, all the
interior is gone, five characters
stuck united, that’s one stink i
wouldn’t mind smelling,
meaningless microfragments,
you made your bed and now
you have to burn in it, bezirk,
burn this please, nere a penny,
the maulstick, have children
except, santa monica
boulevard, burn this please,
nonlinear discontinuous
collage-like an assemblage,
double umlaut object,
nineteen fucking words, a
whole whack of fucking
words, poor ole stefano,

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