Sunday, May 24, 2009

"the gelatin of love"

typing is for copying, unit
of sound, before this all
happen, not a colon, if only
we had someone to write to,
keep this under your hat,
eye can’t see you, your
projection is beautiful,
lives on jawbone, the gelatin
of love, fat one day skinny
the next, how did your
philosophy turn out for you,
what do you think of this
text, brocken city, sunnyside
suicide, you can see the text
move thru the paper, the food
that passed thru, aithein,
what if you don’t pass this
test, am or pm, it gets beaten
out of you, take your urine
across town, refurring,
how can you see that in this,
laugh yourself free, you
were trying to eat, roof o’
er, now where are we going,
go the distance and go the
further distance, i used
your machine, transfixed
by the patch of moss below
it, noise poems, tgreen,

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