Monday, May 18, 2009

"a nice box full of nothing"

locomobile, guangdong, nine
eight six two three, primal cuts,
the shape of the dot, clitoral
enlargement, ookpik returns,
plastic sickle, the use value
of the garbage, you know what
the object is, that was not
exactly me but, any object can
accrue memory value, invent a
new game, literature is mute,
it did stood, jazz dust, hedge
throwing, unsolved royal, a
nice box full of nothing,
fear not emptiness, empty is
better, empty enuf, note the
thickness of the dust, some
people enjoy this stuff, still
more games, hoping for penny,
depends which dollar you are
referring to, dust is one thing
dandruff is another, the
family that, my emissary did
go, if you have time to read
this then, one of your hairs,
no mazzer, because you did
not heed, wipe that smile off
your face, nobody cares
whether you live or die,
embrace reality, slab of
worthless info, collagen,
express nothing, pretend
you are alive, bibo, subsp,

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