Tuesday, May 26, 2009


work will make you happy,
indicate it with your mind,
this side of the page only,
presumably with the same person,
pinging it right, hot-n-ready,
love turns a blind eye, air in,
eighteen ninety-nine, makes a
nice fluxus buck, chamar,
bauplatten, endless consumption
and the end of history,
burquitlam, confirmed
clusters, penny rainbow,
kayfabe, fill argos with
butterflies, too many sixes,
bath tissue in the bath tub,
it was gone before we saw it,
you pee up i pee down, rou,
at the pot bar, what’s your
schtick, personal marks versus
impersonal marks, go ahead
make the call, esemplastic,
is there a better machine,
the original means so much
more, yer a thinking feller
ain’t ya, is it worth
annotating, remember to flip
the page, french refreshment,
refrenchment, a mouth ink,

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