Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"leave the poem and act"

you are tipping your hand,
do you want my custom, the
limits of the family, any way
pay, paperclutter, immortal
breath, don’t worry the day,
dust mites? what dust mites?,
hope is the heart, rudence,
this is what iambic, nevereven,
leave the poem and act, the
dust lies, a live-alogue,
one-ify it or two-ify it, close
clothes, alarmclock shampoo,
mounting the piroghi,
juxtapope, one is extending,
free rubble, one big mint,
think what you see, you
can’t get off the grid
anymore, freedom? fuck
freedom: we just want more
money, rubble: twenty-five
cents, able bridge, there is an
ebb is all, those mad trances
of hers, anonymous stone,
there’s a number of places
like this on the earth,
depends what you consider
luck, note damage music,

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