Monday, May 11, 2009

"qoin" & "plus sun time"

gleichen, this will go for
two, yeah but where did the
money come from, cactus
hahhah, to be nothing, for
shaken, do you think you
can tell art from non-art,
got everything, qoin,
babylock escape, grunthog,
did or didn’t, you only get
the sort of justice you pay
for, unspent gifts, letters de
cachet, an ethos of collective
honer, island prison-kingdom,
popping photoflashes,

zsfresh, bring pen and paper,
want what’s best for all,
for one eight, plus sun time,
pester god, strawberry-
flavoured cranberries, no
residue, pre-auth, intend
to spend, removing hat,
the widow’s might, nankeen,
unconscious poetry, a
quick observation of the
truth, are you turning a
profit yet, tattoo face,
wuzzam, the telescopic

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