Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"calalou gazeux"

waiting for word, beer toy,
relation with the breast, today
sign, lexias, coming soon to a
mailbox near you, complete
enuf address, able to move
molehills, deformalities,
trance for getting there,
advice ticket, unsigned art,
house it done, twenty dollar
bill america, some unravelling
to do, fuck inoffensive,
nude hand, grapefruit scabs,
texts floating around,
degree in chaos studies, acc,
map of parts, a sign in the
sky, the poet’s knees, the
mailings ready, arcanic, text
mania, oversun, toner works,
advance press, thirty of a
thing, gazooks, blue gaz,
calalou gazeux, flying
in the face of copyright
restrictions, an eden, ufo
turtle, not hat, no hats,
human consciousness or the
end, intimidated passersby,
podunks, albamoor, massive
concrete poems, nexusism,
pennysavers, printer lines,
temporary errors, a place
on the shelf ready,
photocopyright, here comes
another wave, backblog,
catablog, weeper blues,
hundred and twenty-six,
textual transmission,

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