Wednesday, May 13, 2009

no boss around

up in the hat, we torrid, we being
blue, a hard we, new comp, non
gag, name war, woose, it’s always
talk talk talk talk, bowling
one two nine, altered moss,
hockey work, trance waste, toxic
god, ego love, parmateer, collect
calories, ninety-eight, nabishle,
omnigraphy, anti-identity, the
concrete barrier, poverama, un
violon d’ingres, trance mood,
matrix number, organonas,
detinitus, landscape visual
clutter, outwith, gray tone,
language crunch, speech-language
pathology, uncle sam hat,

the professional marketting of,
the judge of hands, date for
word, faxy, how’d we get here
together, ray thirteen, are we
still in contact, in the day
of abe link, xtul, skal, wvz,
sumo nam, from the other side
of the cont, pressieur, boxtape,
need a new gig, nice try, you are
the consumer, go audio, read
about the images, fine art,
a particular envelope, leave
the scene, the poet types a
label, advert, published in your
imagination, getting the
word, no more lafter, encl,

fartclouds thewhite hat men
,,no bos around,,concrete talk
,,transparency concrete,,ameri-
canizatione,, navigating the system
,, chrysocratic,, nigh zilch,,
nosnhoj yar 2 ega,, quiet and
unresponsive as moss,, hamlet a
character who escapes,,

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