Saturday, May 02, 2009

"bull pizzle" & "one-a dese daze"

the silicon goes blank, independent
of july, sal bia cor, frags of reality,
one two one, when you were here and i
was there, this one did come back,
cow pizzle, seeing thru to what you
are seeing, you in all your glory,
xljt, work so that you, paralyzed by
reality, you’re writing on it,
build copy tower, marching towards
rest, put me in the box, the same flap
of flesh, this one really did go
for a ride, pass up joy, why the
damage, who would that be, our
drinking days are over, habit
ate, guilt by association, time word,

get unslack, keep my mail away from
me, one-a dese daze, drop everything
inside your self, you would think
to forward, you are tracked,
higher than empty communication,
concrete mail, we thot we were
guilty but, intestinal paralysis,
ripe and ready to copy, it’s fading
every moment, melissa and allan,
it matters to know what day it
is, days of hate, everybody is doing
something productive exept, you
come in the door shooting, now
your function is, when you were
near, are you here, who was there
when, make a copy with the lid open,

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