Monday, May 04, 2009

"early computer art" & "gnifies"

the white stripes, slap the pizza on
the scanner, is the grot part of the
art, nomadic artist, if you copy it
you will remember it better, the
way the hand moves, trog thot,
when it was still east germany, what
are you in the business of, still
gumming, jurassic pair, tea real,
called up a comment, the frolic,
rise up out of your box, early
computer art, simple enough
beauty, brain cell art strike,
lay your hands on the art, a sign
of silence, open to interpret, rem
wen, dev uni, art touch, fal, alw,

living plants of the world, it
gnifies something, a minute of
silence for your future death,
you were hoping not to have to die,
who’s this one, get up on stage
spill your blood, can you talk the
code, what’s missing from this
text, kmr, gbble, split yourself
in two, there’s more missing than
that, we only just begun, urine
camels, pick up a five-hundred
box, humanly huge, thanks for
destroying me, now that death
is gone, hey i like your shit,
former rem, happy valve, axept,

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