Sunday, May 31, 2009

"laughter signifies communication"

boreal traffic, aaron with
the double a’s, how’d ya know,
speech ache, i think i will
change my name to, nod to be
confused with, variant paper,
the paper is scored, the health
of the bird reflected in the
song, text for future moments,
love it was, the period, we all
go the way of toner, laughter
signifies communication,
please destroy this, put it
down on the bottom and
crush it, two tiny bits of
nothing, shitty little odds
and ends like this, it fell
off anyway, double umlaut
object, what can you say
about chaos, my heart goes
out to gold, back in the
good old days when i was
writing this, this paper
has been manhandled,
strange friends from a
million miles away,
artistic operators, whatever
trevor, we are cramped for
weight, was is, buddaboom!,

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