Friday, May 15, 2009

"honouring the nothing spirit"

jungfraujoch, tossa, jumbo aberdeen,
the leaking waterpail, happiness is
verboten, pleasure is forbidden,
tracers accross the water, wanchai,
lung shine dispensary, a clue to the
moment, tracing the movement, a sign
in the sky, beautiful scenery of
repulsion, a sign in the bushes,
kathing, hat hole, it doesn’t look
eight hundred years old, floating
people, high tech architech, too
many tracers, art tram, aberdeen
china, in the eighty-eights, victoria
china, tin hau, jumbo kaitak,
honouring the nothing spirit, sayan,
lombok, tanah lot, spot the
farmer, ubud, honouring the spirit
of repetition, when the tide comes
in the temple is cut off, something
has been faked, gili meno, outrig,
gili air, almost only child, sri
mariamman, k, the reclining
buddha, wat, batik, kuala lumpur,
penang, iow jima, oriental
pearl, putraworld, benjamabophit,
monkette, wat po, honk honk, jenk,
golden buddha,
paddy, abirdeen

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