Thursday, May 21, 2009

"poetry is crime also"

pay by seeing, please try another
connection, art is crime, maybe
there is nothing to be gleaned,
rem as, if it takes you x amount
of time to make a dollar and
y amount of time to spend it,
heirloom grapefruit skins,
eye gesso, exquisite question
mark, put paid to your dues,
cancel the internet, databoy,
consistencify, i made a
terrible mistake and i’m
sorry, that deep place of
silence in your bathtub, down
at the bottom of the moss
hole, fetal alcohol syndrome
gas, the enterprise story,
scrotal infusion, sunslick,
no tips aloud, to fight or
to give up the ghost, bucky
balls or carbon nanotubes,
poetry is crime also, this is
some bad shit, better your
parents, mignonette,
sarafan, a non-concrete
substance, the celebrated
argo, seventy caliber,
still waiting for the ding,
making his sacrum stiff,


Neil R Graf said...

poetry is a disease and this is the cure.

drosspriddle said...

haha, what do you mean? do mean this crap ain't poetry? i don't know if i wish that was true or if i'm glad it's true...

Neil R Graf said...

Lord Byron, anorexic par excellance, saw poetry as a great pain that he must get rid of.

being not so bright, we choose to rid our bodies of it by making more.

eh, i like it just fine.

your stuff is great. thanks!

drosspriddle said...

hah, great quote! it's more of a bad habit than a great pain for me, but... or else it's material that i have to "get through" maybe... but it does tend to beget more, no doubt!