Thursday, May 14, 2009

"nothing comes out right"

the communication is still getting
thru, the obliteration of moments,
far tumour, like this, there’s something
wrong with the head, a memorandum
of what you were reading, this
text seems to work, defiled by
germs, the text is already well
underway, busy being thinking,
writing on garbage, aspen music,
dadapoets solo erect, mistook the
original for a copy, the person
living at, your death is getting
worse, why is it reading this as
clean and this as dirty, this will
deteriorate quickly, babble as,
aspen erect, making a soul, tham
khwan, nothing comes out right,
khon song trance, busy being copied,
build a tower of garbage, look
for a place to lodge your mind,
oilsands, how the hell did we get
here, one is going down, put
another checkmark on your
list, buy or beware, social
promotion, ecomagination, insert
author intrusion here, visceral
realism, amantes amentes,
houka, ascites, nose and hatbrim,
craniosynostosis, to cool a
heated exchange, goluboy
siniy, environmental psych,

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