Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"psychedelic textual dream" & "pillion"

print up a million, now for the
letterpress, we never printed too
many, lay your language over,
note bad fold, a happy day in
retrospect, yes supposably, now
the work itself is over yonder,
committed to insanity, we did ew,
the network failed, in up to the
neck, psychedelic textual dream,
the others we othered, your
message hera, temp holding us fast,
the actual beauty is, long slow
demise, six and final, a single
word to capture the universe,
you were always, one fell,

jasmine paper, the process of
documents, preying on the
unemployed, general stamp, just
like honey, luck tax, well then
where’s the reality, allawites,
entasis, clusters of vacancy,
high even in the counties,
permanent rate, paint a blank
picture, cluster insects, rollin’
down the highway smilin’
neuroplasticity, covers every
hillside, mugunghwa, brede,
orange rubber, poilus, pillion,
naafi, commun, lumpy with
oranges, a concrete hat, maquis,

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