Sunday, May 03, 2009

"what if our nows don't coincide" & "enternet"

time travelling thru paper, the being
we were being then, here take a look
at this writing, what if our nows
don’t coincide, get those neurons
firing, cluster fuck bomb, seems
to mean nothing now, the day we
found the teasel, we never lived
on moss street, give it an arbitrary
name, when we were calling ourselves
voodoo chapeau, true love blank,
depending on how it was folded
the first line would be, total
law breaker, render useless self,
too late buddy, yes this is the
one, total love dominates,
arbitrary eye, tiny little bug,

as close as we will ever get to the
original, enternet, no longer ongoing
still, beautiful little things we held
for but a moment, lord only knows
what would become of them,
never not doing art, where it started
out where it ended up and on, and then
nobody wanted to play, still uncanny,
be careful you don’t see something bad,
kneejerkoff, hat of nails, do you
consider yourself a victim or, we
have a run of these, bright
purple, the little names of mailart,
all the beauty fading away, the
original word could be anywhere,
calling all active, at play and in,

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