Saturday, May 02, 2009

"true love prosthesis" & "trace chaos tracks"

the police are guilty, trials
lawyers blues, the history of
your face, imagine more peace,
absorb the particle before it’s
too lake, the provision of happy,
random explosion, true love
prosthesis, we knew it said
artmobite, what was it like to
be happy, this is quite the text,
looks rather innocuous on the
outside, never really been in a
pub, the font you choose in,
got off scot free, little error
led to downfall, giant letters,

oh now we have another black mark
against ourselves, the best we can say
for art, how were we doing the work we
were doing, obscure what needs obscure,
all these letters gone, the art
workers working the art, particles
of this reality, compare with see
slash double you, black luck,
temp error, ten times ten equals
fifty, how are we raying, all the
artists are long gone, reality
match, trace chaos tracks, arts
still present, also gnawn as,
worm in mind, never retain,
fond memory, causes nothing,
ten by, value-less beauty,

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