Friday, May 29, 2009

"refer madness"

reciprocal harem, inconsequential
too, intellectual conversation
twenty-five cents, green cement,
om a momant, thirty-five
fluxus bucks, a representation
of a fan, naked fly, in a world
made up of letters, the fish
are not free from the chains of
the seaway, the rusty staples
department, the tiny throbbing
creature in her hand, riding
the iron, the hat axe, still to
be dug out, you are a stupid
fuck, just an envelope with no
markings on it, everything that
refers to you, this still need,
text replica, what was the
subject again, why this paper
is still blank, typewriter out
on the balcony, can we get any
worse paper, scan it post it
kiss it goodbye, give your head
to a good cause, you are still
you over there aren’t you,
let’s get this text out of
our face shall we, count
all the blank paper, judge
by the density of the
paper, good old stefano,

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