Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what are we going to call this fucker?

twain acquire, anti-alias,
ideoglyphs, some object to type,
what needs to be done with
nothing, the pen is a machine,
mysterious markings unexplained,
grey font, this is not poetry,
make a happy ending, it’s a whole
lot more than an aitch, let the
corner flip out to a box, you
are making it deteriorate, pure
toner, help it fade out, fade to
white, the individual artist,
hardly even finish writing,
the gender of the letters, end
in the bilge, bright blue lingo,
darken it, one has chosen, stuck
unites, rotate the letter, do they
all have the middle full,
these are hardly even different,
could f, cancioneiros,
vielles, pseudo-plagiarism,
slan, stroke zine, telegraph
plants, a cluster of tornadoes,
diaolou, the maillard reaction,
rancho cucamonga, funnel set
go, nobody was too terribly
interested in the globe,
lain flounce, kenosis,
sanhedrin, heroes everwore
coton, rpdrdp, it looks like
you were consuming it,

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