Monday, May 04, 2009

"jesus loves you but, satan loves you beddah!"

make a note for your memory, melting
thru time, we’ve had this lost thing
for years, particle influence, the
missing portion tingles the memory,
one side for the top one side for
the bottom, not afraid to lose the
odd word, we once was alive, every-
thing turns to grey, are you still
here, we are performing from the gut,
chromography lab, oh cet echo, what
the frame held, the owner of the
artwork is the artist, a copy is
almost as good no better, nothing
is ever really full, are all
these mailartists still active,
and on it goes, chipback, stillflux,

directing nothing, the thing with
the noses, a sense of aboding, satan
loves you, you got to live in the
nice house one day only, sit before
your eyes, long horn hat rack, we
must have known the end was near,
feel the texture of the moment,
feel your way back to life, being
yourself is not enough, protect
etc rot, one day you style yourself
this the next that, your happyest days,
driving yourself down, five
million loves, d is for dayglo,
somebody else’s nutty idea, act
on this text, fasson, memberize,

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