Monday, November 03, 2008

estrangelo edessa

aira, what network are you apart of,
imperia, is this some kind of sign,
network of eyeballs, no yes it is
attached, this is where we live,
roaring out of the screen, why
would you put all this work in,
thinking about sex, hello this is
me, xmash, hello here’s some paint,
wishout a map, pass this text on,
on the first day of the new,
before the first day of, not
exactly paint, sixty year old
card, pink govern, diapente,
partially real, the unresponse,
what did it add up to, this is,

cut and, duh, mindless message,
average contentment, what would
make, bomford, gicle, identical
originals, identical consciousness,
carry the poem, the smallest
gesture, doc your marks, you
will wait for ever, it would
be, answer to everything, alc,
what is it you wanted, original
plagiarism, thrift bin, toner
smear, what is name, text iles,
the longer you spend on the top
of the heap the more dust you
collect, planet anarchy, only
one, follow the directions,

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