Wednesday, November 12, 2008

net burnout

the lag, insert this page, waming,
manifold concrete, yateman hat,
sun-seared concrete, maxcan,
blkt, yop yog, be and fall, say
yes to art, if it involves mail,
haart, used paper discards, is
it a sitting duck or is it a decoy,
russian thistle, rub my face in
it, what does this remind you of,
subtle moss, always meant to
read a little further, reading
and memory, cut for use in
collage, reading every word,
here is where the heart is, cut
to relocate, tackle the text,

t, font control, expend labour on
texts, visible on the original,
never trust to memory, the eye is
the performer, go with the detail,
finish school, zed zed rune,
minute scales, chipping away at
the monolith, placere, bestia
triumphans, bookazine, para-
digital, hendiadys, became a
penny song, portrays nothing,
hang in collections and
exhibitions, tequila and
heidegger, the full concrete,
nietzsche and sausages,

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